What is the divorce process in Michigan?

The divorce process starts with a call to our office.  You will speak with an attorney (not staff) about your case.  We will gather initial information over the phone and give you an immediate overview of what to expect and costs with out an appointment or fee.  After the phone consultation, we will give you the option to set an appointment for more information and to move forward with the process.

Your case starts with a divorce complaint.  The divorce complaint states basic information about you to the court and opens your case with the court.  The complaint is served on your spouse so that they are aware of the divorce.  After filing there is a temporary order.  The temporary order controls your relationship with your spouse until the case is done.  The temporary order is critical in the case and states custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, use of the family home, use of cars, payment of insurance, and other critical issues.

There is a 60 day waiting period for a divorce without children and a 6 month waiting period for a divorce with children.  After the waiting period, a judgment of divorce is prepared.  the judgment states your final property rights and issues related to children.  The judgment is entered at a hearing (Procon).  A this hearing the judgment will be entered.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

The cost of a divorce lawyer can vary widely based on the attorney and difficulty of the case.  The more complex the case, the more expensive the attorney fees will be.  The most expensive attorney is not always the best attorney.  Also, if the attorney is not charging enough, they may not plan on spending any time on your case.  When initially speaking with an attorney, they should fully explain fees and answer all your questions about cost.  At Krupp law Offices PC, we provide a written fee agreement and fully explain attorney fees.  If possible we will offer a flat fee alternative so that you know your fees.  Alternately, we charge by the hour for work done on your case.  It is reasonable to assume a minimum of 2,000 for the cost of a basic divorce with filing fee.

What do I need to bring to a divorce attorney consultation?

Nothing.  You do not have to bring anything to your first consultation.  We will get basic information from you, review the process, discuss issues you may face, and a projected result.  It is always beneficial to have an idea of both parties income, value of any real estate that you own, value of vehicles, and value of retirement accounts or stock accounts.  If you decide to move forward we will need more exact information as part of representation.

Do divorce attorneys give free consultations?

At Krupp law Offices we offer a free consultation to review your case, answer basic questions, and fully explain attorney fees.  We will initially review things over the phone for a quick review.  We will explain the basic divorce process and possible issues in your case.  A number of lawyers will not even talk to you until they are paid or demand a 100.00 consultation fee for the first visit.